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Go Pro: Become a PADI SCUBA instructor in Montreal

It’s Summer time! Let’s enjoy some of it, at least…

Have you been thinking about a change in career for a while and been wondering what it feels like to be in the shows of a dive professional? Well… Most of the time, they don’t wear shoes :)

How about we make the Summer of 2014, a Summer to remember?  If you’d like to share your passion for the underwater world… Good! We need help! We need more PADI scuba diving instructors this coming Summer in Montreal!


So… Come talk to us about a career in diving - full time or part time. Ask all your questions! All of them!

Wednesday 3 September, we’re inviting you to a “happy hour” (sort of) at the Total Diving Montreal dive shop from 6:30pm to 9pm with only one topic: Go Pro!

Our Course Director, Sebastien Savignac, will be available to answer all of your questions We’ll have a short presentation about the divemaster program, the scuba diving instructor (IDC) program and, of course, about careers in diving. Then… We’ll answer all of your questions while enjoying some refreshment and snacks.


instructors and dive professionals will also be on site to share their experience - anything you want to know!

We have a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) starting from 27 September 2014 to 26 October 2014, with the instructor examination (IE) on the weekend of 1 & 2 November2014. Then… You can teach scuba diving !

If you are not, yet, ready to take the scuba diving instructor course, you can still come: we’ll discuss the steps to get you there!

IMPORTANT: Places are limited at the dive store. So… Call to reserve your spot: 514-482-1890 or 1-888-482-1890. We don’t want you to wait in line, outside, for the encore presentation, later on! ;)

Consult our staff in store for more info on how to get you on the path to become a dive pro. However… We can also prepare a custom-made schedule, just for you - because we realize that you might still have that other boring job to satisfy for a few more years ;)

It’s a Go Pro get together… Will you join the fun?

On Facebook? You can join the “event” on Facebook and start talking about a career in diving! 

Nitrox Scuba Diving. Is it safer? Can I dive longer?

Good questions!

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about scuba diving with nitrox instead of ‘normal’ air: Thursday, June 12, after work, at your Montreal Dive Shop, Total Diving, at 6pm.

Montreal scuba legend, Joe Allan, will lead the discussions with help from PADI dive instructor Guillaume Freire.

There are many good reasons to dive nitrox. We’ll explain!

Bonus: Special prices on the nitrox diver course and on nitrox dive computers! Kinda make sense, eh?

Montreal Dive Shop | PADI Scuba Certification Montreal

Scuba Gear Tryout in Montreal & Annual Dive Buddy Picnic

It’s starting to feel like Summer… Sort of! :/

Before diving into Summer, let’s enjoy a late Spring reunion with dive buddies we haven’t seen all (long) Winter…

Saturday & Sunday, June 7 & 8, it’s the annual dive buddy picnic of your Montreal Dive Shop, Total Diving, at the Kahnawake Quarry, just South of Montreal.

And on top of that… We’ll be bringing toys for you to play with!

You’ll be able to try dive equipment at the quarry: fins, regulators, BCDs, dry suits, dive computers and more.

If you have a special request for something you’d really like to try… Stop by your Montreal Dive Shop, Total Diving, on Friday June 6 and convince Joe to bring it! We’ll also have special surprises at the dive shop on Friday :)

How much does it cost? Nothing! Well… Actually… Nothing more than a normal access fee for scuba diving at the Kahnawake Quarry. You can pay cash at the quarry or register online for one (or 2) days of diving at the Kahnawake quarry.

We’ll also bring a BBQ on site. We’ll supply the propane but not the food… Bring yours!

Wait! There’s more… During the June 7-8 weekend, you’ll be able to buy all the gear used during the tryout days, at a special ‘demo’ reduced price!


Scuba Gear Montreal | Scuba Diving Montreal

Free Try Scuba Experience in Montreal

Let’s celebrate the arrival of June & let’s get ready for a fun year of scuba diving!

Invite your friends, work colleagues and members of your family to a free scuba experience in a pool, in Montreal. Eh! Don’t forget to invite the cute neighbor - it’s a good reason to go introduce yourself! ;)

You’ll gain a dive buddy to dive around here this Summer or… To invite on your next dive trip under the sun, next Winter!

When: Saturday May 31 & Sunday June 1

Where: The pool in the atrium of the Holiday Inn on Cote-de-Liesse, near Montreal’s Dorval airport.

How: Please register… We want to plan for small group for a great experience.

There’s a nice bar and restaurant at that Holiday Inn… Come along and watch! You see the pool from the bar!

For registration:

  • 514-482-1890
  • 1-888-482-1890
  • Or come see us: 6356 Sherbrooke St. West in NDG, Montreal

To properly plan your adventure, we need to fix a date & time with you. We’ll have all sizes of scuba vests (BCDs) at the pool. You’ll need to bring your bathing suit - well… We don’t mind but our friends at the Holiday Inn do! :/

There’s also a medical form to be filled. If you answer “yes” to one of the question, you’ll need to get a doctor signature on that form before jumping in the pool. We’ll send you the form and the preparation details after your registration.

Wait! There’s something else… If one of your friends subsequently (that’s a big word!) register to a PADI scuba certification class with us, we’ll give you $50 to spend in your Montreal Dive Shop, Total Diving!

What’s the expression again… Win-win?

We are celebrating mothers underwater at the Kahnawake quarry!

You didn’t get the chance to make a family dive this year and you forgot to reserve for the traditionnal restaurant dinner? 

Good news, because Nas and Guillaume both wants your mother to get wet! 

Mothers get to dive for FREE at the Kahnawake quarry if they come with one of their children… And if they do not dive yet, maybe you should get her a gift certificate to start her training? 

To get a gift certificate:


Mother’s Day Gift Cards - Scuba Diving, Snorkeling & Swimming Montreal

Remember this gift card promotion you liked so much during the Holiday Season…? It’s back - for Mother’s Day!

Buy gift cards at a reduced price and help her discover the rest of our planet!

She’ll be able to use the gift card at its full value!

Details on gift card prices on Total Diving - Montreal Scuba website.

Love her!

Montreal Scuba Spring Sale & Open House Event

Yap! It’s springtime… Excitement time!

It’s starting to smell like diving :)

It’s time for May… Time for our annual Montreal Scuba Diving Spring Sale & Open House Event!

From Thursday May 1st to Saturday May 3rd:

We’re talking, here, about specials that will take your breath away. That is why… We’re doing it in the dive shop, not underwater! ;)

  • New & used scuba gear
  • Regulators & octopus
  • Scuba diving computers
  • Drysuits
  • Wetsuits
  • Swimming gear
  • And more…

See you soon?


Montreal Scuba Diving Fashion Show - Spring 2014

Spring time! It’s our duty to get excited!

The Kahnawake quarry is reopening for the diving season, this coming Saturday, May 3, at 10AM.

And… To get even more excited… Come see our Montreal scuba diving fashion show on Thursday evening, May 1st, at 6PM at Total Diving - Montreal Scuba dive shop.

It comes with fun and… Deep specials on everything that will be shown during the show!

You can reserve on Facebook or Meetup - to help us plan better - please?

If you miss it on Thursday, come to the ‘encore presentation’ on Saturday morning at 11AM, May 3rd, 2014.

At the same time, it’s our annual ‘Open House / Spring Scuba Sale' event in Montreal, from  May 1st to Saturday, May 3rd. Specials that will take your breath away… That's why we do it at the dive shop, not underwater! ;)

See you soon?