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'Total Diving - Montreal Scuba' Joins '1% for the Planet'

On March 22, Total Diving announced joining ‘1% for the Planet’, pledging a portion of its sales to support non-profit organizations focused on sustainability. Your Montreal PADI scuba diving center is the first dive center in the World to do so.

1% for the Planet Member - Montreal Scuba Diving, Quebec, Canada

“We are delighted to welcome ‘Total Diving – Montreal Scuba’ to ‘1% for the Planet’,” says Brodie O’Brien, Membership Marshal at 1%. “As the first dive center in the world to join 1%, they’re breaking new ground for businesses whose survival and profitability depends on the wellbeing of the oceans.”

Members of 1% contribute one percent of revenues directly to any of the approved non-profit environmental organizations in 1%’s network. Among the non-profit organizations that Total Diving will support, there’s Project AWARE and GEERG.

"We’ve chosen World Water Day 2012 to announce this commitment because we live on a blue planet and water is at the heart of life on this planet,” says Darcy Kieran, President and CEO of Total Diving. 

GEERG is a Canadian shark research and conservation organization.

“We are especially pleased that Montreal-based Total Diving has voluntarily chosen to make a commitment to the St. Lawrence and its little-known sharks. The river flowing around the island city eventually merges into the marine estuary so how the citizens of Montreal care for their water resources ultimately affects the estuary and its sea-dwelling inhabitants, including the Greenland shark.” says Jeffrey Gallant, President and Lead Scientist of GEERG.

For more info, view the video of the announcement on YouTube and read the full press releases from:

Our friends at Project AWARE were so happy, they came up with a brand new label for Total Diving, your Montreal PADI scuba diving center: ‘101% AWARE’. It makes reference to the fact that we were already a 100% AWARE Dive Center.

Follow the story of 1% for the Planet with Montreal scuba divers:

Scuba Diving with Total Diving Montreal. It helps the planet!

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