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Earth Day, Sharks and Scuba Diving Montreal

There’s lots of action planned around Montreal on the weekend of April 21 & 22!

First… It’s Earth Day on Sunday, April 22. There will be activities all over Canada. You can check the list of the official website for Earth Day in Quebec:

Then… The team of Montreal Scuba Divers - Total Diving is organizing 2 activities during that Spring season weekend.

On top of that… There’s now the organization inviting us all to an event on Sunday, April 22, in the afternoon, in Montreal. Among groups involved in this event, we note Équiterre, Fondation David Suzuki, Greenpeace, and Earth Day Quebec.

Have a great - and busy - Earth Day Weekend in Montreal!

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Scuba Diving Montreal. Total Diving. Diving in for the planet!

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