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Important & Urgent Safety Recall for HP Miflex Hoses

Last week, Health Canada in collaboration with XS Scuba, the North American distributor of Miflex hoses, issued a recall of high-pressure Miflex hoses for scuba diving regulators.

This recall ONLY applies to high pressure hoses. These are hoses attached to a pressure gauge or dive computer. There is NO recall on hoses attached to your second stage or octopus.

Hazard: The diving hose can rupture reducing the available air supply to the diver, posing a drowning hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: XS Scuba has received reports of 189 hose failures. There have been no reports of injuries.

Description: The high pressure hose is used to monitor cylinder pressure for the air supply in tanks for scuba diving. The hoses have MFX stamped on the hose’s end fitting. They were sold as individual replacement gauge hoses and as cascade hoses and in the following kits and model numbers:

  • Deluxe Cylinder Equalizer w/ Miflex HP hose P/N AC366
  • Miflex Two-Gauge Console HL300/HL300M
  • Miflex Rebreather Kits MRB-EVO-LG, MRB-EVO-MD & MRB-ISP-POST-LG

Sold at: Scuba diving retailers and online between May 2009 and April 2012.

Manufactured in: Italy

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the hoses and contact XS Scuba to receive instructions for obtaining a free replacement hose.

If you have one of these recalled Miflex hoses, what must you do?

We normally work with manufacturers and distributors to help our scuba diving clients with these types of recalls. However, XS Scuba has decided that they want you to deal with them directly.

You have to download a form from their XS Scuba website, fill it and mail your hose with that form to XS Scuba in California. 

Sorry about that! It’s their decision! However… If you need help with removing the high-pressure hose and/or if you want us to reassemble your regulator and test it after you’ve received the replacement hose, we will gladly to it at no charge to all those of you who have purchased your Miflex high-pressure hose from Total Diving.

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